Vector Maps - Serving Vector Tiles


Available Tools There are several tools available for serving vector tiles. Let's check the following: T-Rex Tegola (...) T-Rex You need a running postgis-instance and need to specify the table that is being used: Starting T-Rex requires just a Docker container: docker run --rm -ti --net gis -p 6767:6767 sourcepole/t-rex serve --dbconn postgresql://postgres@postgis/vector --bind= … [read more →]

Vector Maps - Data Import


Database setup I use my own postgis-container with the latest versions and some useful extensions. Importing OSM-Data Importing of geospatial data will be done with Imposm 3. It has some additional features over OSM2pgsql that might be useful: Generalizing/Simplification of data to create low-resolution data from existing tables that can be used for small zoom levels. regex-ing of… [read more →]

Vector Maps - Data Sources and Storage


Introduction This post will cover various sources for geospatial data and storage of that data. Sources for geospatial data There are two main group of providers for geospatial data: Companies or Organisations that provide geospatial-data and services based on OpenStreetMap-data (osm) Geofabrik openmaptiles maptiler Full-stack map-providers here google Almost all of them provide services… [read more →]