Hello GLSL - GLSL Shader App with Qt


In this tutorial we will extend the previous tutorial and make use of a Shader written in GLSL to fill our spinning quad. GLSL is a C-like language you can use to execute code on your GPU (aka graphics card). More sophisticated effects can be achieved with this technique. The point of this tutorial is to show how Qt supports shader programs and how to use them in your application. Download the… [read more →]

Hello Quad (basic OpenGL App with Qt)


Introduction In this first tutorial we will create a simple (I mean really simple...) Qt program to render OpenGL graphics (spinning quad). I will extend the programs you find in the Qt boxes demo and Qt OpenGL examples with a separate thread that does the actual redering to be independent (in terms of framerate) from any GUI interaction or other Qt events. Sourcecode: Tut_01_OpenGL_Setup… [read more →]