BrowseAmp lets you control Winamp over a LAN, WLAN, WEB or whatever you can imagine.

Just plug the server to a network, install the BrowseAmp plug-in and open a webbrowser on a client machine in your network. Thats all!

Now you have full control over Winamp from everywhere.

I you run a streaming audio server you can use BrowseAmp to manage you program from all over the world!



key features

  • build-in webserver
  • runs on every port (default: 80)
  • modular template system for skinning the web frontend
  • password protection
  • advanced user management
  • file browser
  • media library support
  • album art support
  • playlist management
  • XML support
  • system commands like "remote shutdown server"
  • remove-played-tracks (enhances Winamp!)
  • keep-playlist-alive (enhances Winamp!)
  • file upload/download
  • traffic/access logging

see development history for more.

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modular template system

the modular template system gives you full control over the whole output of BrowseAmp. Just create a template html file with your favourite design and place the BrowseAmp HTML tags wherever you like.

BrowseAmp parses these (.HTM, .HTML, .XML) files and replaces the tags with the information they descibe.

So you can create a simple text output of the current playlist as well as a XML based, flash supported media control center!

user management

If you have a lot of people using your Winamp (at parties) or you are running a streaming audio server you can define:

  • who has access
  • when a user has access
  • what a user is allowed to do



last change: 2008-03-02 , Henry Thasler
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