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3.2 version history
BrowseAmp -> advanced -> version history

3.1Date: 2008-04-13

This release corrects some minor flaws and includes some improvements I needed to create the flash skin.

  • new XML-based Flash Skin added. Check it out! Flash source is included.
  • Album art support in eXtended skin improved

new features
new option: preserve cache - file cache information is stored on exit
HTML Tag improved: <#SongPositionPercent>, rounding error minimized and new parameter 'highprecision'.
HTML Tag improved: seteq, geteq improved accuracy for reading and writing equalizer values.

Post data handling problem fixed.

3.0Date: 2008-03-01

New major BrowseAmp release with

  • completely redesigned webserver core
  • full album art support (embedded ID3Tag images)
  • new and more powerful tags + commands
  • new options in config+user dialog (album art cache, user skin)
  • new config window design elements
  • Documentation updated

Vista compatibility is considered but not tested.

new features
HTML Tag added: <#albumart>
HTML Tag added: <#ID3Info>
HTML Tag added: <#errormessage>
HTML command added: albumart
HTML command added: cache
HTML command added: repeatall
HTML command added: fullscreen
HTML Tag improved: <#inifile>, result can be parsed recursively

a lot of...

Using Skype with BrowseAmp may result in a BrowseAmp error message saying the port is already in use. This is because Skype uses port 80 for some reason. Use another port for BrowseAmp or change Skype settings (Options -> Connection).

known issues
some Winamp skins (eg MMD3) crash Winamp in combination with BrowseAmp. Use the Winamp Modern Skin to avoid problems.

2.10Date: 2004-11-01

new user management option: limit # of added tracks per hour
Browsing and downloading includes additional folders.
'always on top' and window focus issues fixed (thx to Mr. Bald)
secret gimmick (see config window, hehe)

new features
HTML Tag added: <#user_tracks_added>
HTML Tag added: <#user_tracks_limit>
HTML Tag added: <#random>
HTML Tag added: <#server_uptime>

config window focus issues

2.09Date: 2004-07-18

Media Library search command changed to <#search_ml>
Some media library features improved.
User can read/set rating of a track.
Cache timeout 0 now disables caching (thx to Wabiloo).

new features
HTML command added: rating=
HTML command added: usefile=
HTML command added: search_ml=
HTML Tag added: <#search_ml>
HTML Tag added: <#CurrentFileInfo>


2.08Date: 2004-04-29

At last, BrowseAmp supports the winamp media library! IP address management is also implemented.
eXtended skin improved.

new features
media library support (Winamp 5+)
IP address management
add random track after track has changed

some minor fixes

2.07Date: 2004-03-24

Playlist reading speed improved (>15 times faster)
eXtended skin improved

new features
HTML Tag added: <#playlist_artist>
HTML Tag added: <#playlist_directory>
add random track function improved (thx to Raven)


2.06Date: 2004-01-20

WAP support including a base WAP skin.

new features
HTML Tag added: <#playlist_numtracks>
new config option: suppress MsgBox if server port is already in use
entering '0' as cache timeout disables any caching activities (thx mavas)
files to parse and their mime types are now stored in mime.ini (editable)

updir (..) is now always on top of the directory list
download problem with files in add-on dirs fixed

2.05Date: 2003-09-28

file/directory search speed improved (uses cache now)
support for multiple music directories
dir= tag behavior improved
eXtended skin improved (search highlighting)

new features
HTML Tag parameter added: escape=

fixed: issues with multiple instances (thx to robbie)
fixed: some time display problems with the playlist

2.04Date: 2003-08-30

complete redesign of the BrowseAmp config window making things much easier for you (I hope...).
tons of new logfile options.
file upload configurable for your needs
new skin (eXtended)

new features
save command log to disk
file upload
allow src= outside home folder
HTML command added: logfile
HTML command added: lock
HTML command added: equalizer
HTML Tag added: <#LockStatus>
HTML Tag added: <#SongTotalSec>
HTML Tag added: <#SongTotalSecRemain>
HTML Tag added: <#EQState>
<#browser_drives> displays also the volume label if available
<#date>, <time> option added: format=xxx
<#browser_files> option added: extension=xxx:xxx

fixed: src=xxx command didn't display some files (thx to SteveB)
fixed: dir=../../../../../ showed the root folder (thx to Henrico)
fixed: http://localhost/../browseamp.ini breaks the document root!

2.03Date: 2003-06-21

installer updated
skins updated
swap tracks in the playlist
read/write equalizer values
write to skin.ini

new features

HTML command added: inisection=
HTML command added: #_setini=#
HTML command added: moveup
HTML command added: movedn
HTML command added: #_seteq
HTML Tag added: <#getEQData>

fixed: read supported extension crashed older Winamp (<2.9x)
fixed: request log didn't display the remote ip

2.02Date: 2003-05-16

File-cache implemented (keep-playlist-alive is now fast as lightning :D ).
Yeah, found a way to read the media extensions directly from Winamp.
Skin list refreshes now without Winamp restart.
Base skin updated

new features
HTML command added: addrand
HTML Tag added: <#SongPositionPercent>
HTML Tag added: <#CurrentTrackDirectory>
HTML Tag added: <#CurrentTrackFilename>

some minor fixes, as far as I can remember...

2.01Date: 2003-05-06

'Clone setup'-button added to user-management

new features
HTML Tag added: <#inifile>
HTML Tag added: <#CurrentIndex>
HTML Tag parameter added to some tags: maxlength=

Minutes can now be more than 60 for track length/remain/position.

2.00Date: 2003-04-25

First official release. Yeah!
keep-playlist-alive option implemented (I think it's on me to straighten out the WA issues... Maybe I ask the WA guys if they want to pay for my features...)

new features
HTML Tag added: <#KeepPlaylistAliveStatus>
HTML command added: keepplaylistalive
HTML command added: trackpos=
HTML command added: src=

<#browser_filename> option hideextension cuts only the extension
fixed: playtrack, file cancel pause before setting a new track

1.99 beta 3 Date: 2003-04-18

all tags can now be url-encoded.
standard mp3 folder input field can now be edited.
User can remove songs he added (remove-his-files in user config).

new features
HTML Tag added: <#playlist_enc_songtitle>
HTML Tag added: <#enc_songtitle>
HTML Tag added: <#playlist_addedby>
HTML Tag added: <#balance>
<#browser_filename> option added: hideextension=true
<#RootDirectory> option added: useslashes=true
<#CurrentBrowserDirectory> option added: useslashes=true
HTML command added: playaddedifnotplaying
HTML command added: balance=
entry added to the browseamp.ini.
FormStyle entry added to the browseamp.ini.

Files containing ".." are not ignored anymore.
browser_filesize doesn't not show 4096.00 if file is opened
user restriction to remove files corrected
now the 1st song from a playlist is played on load

1.99 beta 2Date: 2003-04-06

Tracklength is now displayed.
XML files are parsed now
tons of features added.
more skinning debug information (tags say if a parameter is missing)
invalid tags are displayed red
base skin tuned
remove-played-songs option improved
some minor changes
See help for a detailed description of the new features.
Help updated (as you can see...)

new features
HTML Tag added: <#status>
HTML Tag added: <#search_playlist_string>
HTML Tag added: <#search_files_string>
HTML Tag added: <#MetaData>
HTML Tag added: <#browser_filesize>
HTML Tag added: <#RemovePlayedStatus>
HTML command added: close
HTML command added: minimize
HTML command added: reboot
HTML command added: standby
HTML command added: shutdown
HTML command added: execute
HTML command added: insert=<filename>
HTML command added: saveplaylist=<filename>
HTML command added: download=<filename>
HTML command added: removeplayed
HTML command added: playifnotplaying

404 error with user management fixed. Thanks to Azimuth!
the skin selection box works now
playlist, an empty offset does not scramble the playlist

1.99 beta 1Date: 2003-03-07

Initial release of the new BrowseAmp 1.99 beta 1.

new features
HTML Template management system. Gives you full control over the output of BrowseAmp. All HTML code is now stored in small code snippets. Edit them with any (HTML) editor.

File browser with advanced search functions and checkboxes to add lots of songs only with a few clicks.

Playlist editor with checkboxes to remove a couple of songs.

MultiUser management allows you to edit access privileges individually for every user.


last change: 2008-04-13 , Henry Thasler