BrowseAmp manual


3.1 INI-File description
BrowseAmp -> advanced -> INI-File description

All BrowseAmp settings are stored in ini-files in the plug-in directory.
You can view/edit this files with any simple text editor (like Notepad).

Filename: browseamp.ini
Directory: %WINAMPDIR%\plugins\browseamp\

Version=BrowseAmp GT3 (2.9.0) BrowseAmp version
TimerInterval=100 delay between two timer events (in ms). You may increase this value if you have a really slow machine. 
INISection= name of current ini-section (see html-command _setini)
Volume=100 current volume (0...100)
Balance=0 current balance value (-100..0..100)
CacheTimeout=600 time to wait before the file cache is refreshed (in s)
Charset=iso-8859-1 current charset
stayontop=0 BrowseAmp window always on top
enablelock=0 enable Wiamp window locking
ClearCacheOnExit=1 clear cover art cache files on Winamp exit (save disk space)
ServerPort=80 port number (int)
ServerRunning=1 indicates if the server was running or not (true/false)
bindLocal=0 Bind to localhost. Access enabled only from this computer.
usedPortMsg=0 show an error message, if port is already in use
RemovePlayed=0 remove played songs from the playlist (0/1) 
KeepPlaylistAlive=0 add random songs to the playlist when empty (0/1) 
AddRandomTrack=0 add random songs on track change (0/1) 
RootDirectory=E:\MP3 base folder for browsing (no trailing \)
CurrentDirectory=E:\MP3 last folder you were browsing in (no trailing \)
allowBrowseAboveRoot=0 browse every folder on your harddisk
displayDrives=0 browse other drives including network drives or whaterver (0/1)
displayFloppyDrives=0 show floppy disk drives if available
useFullPath=1 use the full path for file browsing
Seamless=0 integrate additional folders in your root directory
AdditionalFolder=G:\MP3-CD; additional folders separated by ;
allowSkins=1 allow user to select skin from remote computers (0/1)
Skin=base current WebSkin
allowShutdown=1 allow users to shut down the computer/player
allowSrcOutside=1 allow users to read files outside the home folder with the src= tag
allowUpload=1 allow users to upload files
IPManagement=0 enable IP address management
enablePassword=0 enable user management
PreserveCache=1 save file cache on exit for a faster reload
path to current BrowseAmp logfile
enable=0 enable logging
overwrite=1 overwrite logfile on Winamp startup
date=1 log date
event=1 log event
ip=1 log ip address
user=1 log username
document=1 log requested document
command=1 log command
enableLink=1 browse also for links to files with extensions like above (windows-links, .lnk-file)
Extensions=avi:mov Which additional extensions you want to see in the browser. Separate them with a colon (:). Note that BrowseAmp gets all supported file extensions directly from Winamp. So don't expect other file types to be played/displayed with Winamp.


Filename: mime.ini
Directory: %WINAMPDIR%\plugins\browseamp\

Add your favorite mime file type here and BrowseAmp will parse and serve it for you. Note that you can also fake MIME types with these settings.

See for more MIME Types.

htm=text/html default html file type
html=text/html (same)
xml=text/xml XML file type
wml=text/vnd.wap.wml WML file type


Filename: user.ini
Directory: %WINAMPDIR%\plugins\browseamp\

All user information is stored here. DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE! Use "user management dialog " instead.


Filename: iplist.ini
Directory: %WINAMPDIR%\plugins\browseamp\

The IP address manager stores the IP list in this file. You may edit this file if you know what you are doing...



last change: 2008-04-13 , Henry Thasler