BrowseAmp manual


chapter 2: creating skins

2.1 General information about skins

2.2 HTML tags
2.2.1 global player values
2.2.2 current track values
2.2.3 playlist
2.2.4 filebrowser

2.2.5 BrowseAmp specials
2.2.6 Media Library

2.3 Hyperlink commands
2.3.1 playback/player commands
2.3.2 playlist manipulation
2.3.3 browser commands
2.3.4 BrowseAmp control commands
2.3.5 media library commands
2.3.6 special commands

2.4 Publishing your skins
2.4.1 what is needed
2.4.2 the installer
2.4.3 where to publish new skins


2.1 General information
BrowseAmp -> creating skins -> General information

BrowseAmp is designed to be used with many different skins. All you can see in your webbrowser can be modified by you. The modular template structure allows you to use html code snippets in many different ways.

The skin html file is parsed by BrowseAmp and all valid HTML-Tags are replaced with the information they describe.



what is needed for a skin

If you want to create a skin that is detected by BrowseAmp you need to:

  • add a new directory for your skin in the BrowseAmp directory
    example: %Winamp-Dir%\plugins\browseamp\myskin
  • create an index.html file that is designated to be the main page

With these two steps BrowseAmp should detect your skin on a Winamp restart.

Test your WAP skins here:


continue with HTML tags

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