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2.3 Hyperlink commands
BrowseAmp -> creating skins -> Hyperlink commands

Hyperlink command are used to tell BrowseAmp what to do. These commands are added to the requested url or posted with a form.

The commands are separated from the html document by a question mark "?". Multiple parameters are separated by a "&". BrowseAmp evaluates the commands in the order they appear.
So don't be afraid to serialize the commands. Most browsers can handle more than 2048 characters as url string.

<a href="index.html?command1&command2=parameter&command3">do something</a>

where index.html can be every file you use.

Example 1
<a href="index.html?play"><img src="GFX/play.gif" width="24" height="24" border="0" alt="start playback">

Example 2
<a href="index.html?volume=0&stop">silence!</a>

A list of all available commands follows. Please have a look at the skins delivered with this BrowseAmp release. If you know a bit about HTML you can easily create your own skins.

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