BrowseAmp manual


2.4 Publishing your skins
BrowseAmp -> creating skins -> publishing your skins

I have created a nsis installer script you should use to publish your skins. It creates a guided installer exe in the same design as the BrowseAmp installer. Feel free to modify it!


  1. You need to get and install the nsis installer (from the nsis homepage)
  2. copy the Skin Installer GT3.nsi file to your skin directory.
  3. Edit the script with any text editor and replace AppLongName, AppShortName and AppVersion with your favorite values (lines 15,16 and 17).
  4. A README.TXT is also required in your skin directory. Please add a short description and credits of your skin in this txt-file.
  5. Right-click the script file to compile. Now you should see an exe file named after AppShortName in this directory.
  6. Post the skin installer in the BrowseAmp forums or send me an e-mail and attach the installer.

If you don't want to use the nsis installer, just zip the skin directory including all subdirs and publish the zip file.



last change: 2008-03-09 , Henry Thasler