Please post your skins in the BrowseAmp forums or send me an e-mail and attach the installer.

See skinning tools for more information about how to create your own skin.

I'm looking forward to see your skin creations.


skin archive

Ajax Amp
created by Daniel 2006-06-20

download: AjaxAmp.exe (139KB)

A full-featured skin that uses AJAX for rich, smooth operation. Features include drag-n-drop playlist sorting, volume slider.

See BrowseAmp forum thread for more.

kalas Skin
created by Robert 2006-03-20

download: kalas.exe (68KB)

Simple design for low mobile applications.

peteamp v010 (update)
created by Pete2004-09-27

download: peteampv010.exe (200kb)

Winamp design - needs some help to
get a perfect skin (see skin readme)

Ipaq Skin
created by ST82004-08-24

download: IpaqSkin.exe (87kb)

Optimised for small displays supports
volume & equalizer.

created by Bill2004-07-27

download: Ranger.exe (112kb)

Great design and functionality. Supports almost all BrowseAmp features including a big equalizer window.

created by Drew2004-01-25

download: PocketPC.exe (70kb)

Low bandwidth skin, designed to fit on a PocketPC screen. Allows playlist & file browsing, but no cover art (yet...).

LAN DJ night
created by Aaron2004-01-12

download: LAN_DJ-Night.exe (100kb)

Modification of the LAN DJ skin
Looks...well...dark and I miss some
functions but check it out.

created by fabiopigi

download: ClieAmp.exe (90kb)

I'ts the best skin for handheld computers. Supports most of the BrowseAmp features

created by Fred

download: Freds.Skin.exe (80kb)

Guggenheim modification/extension

updated to v0.9.2

created by ~J2003-08-11

download: frames.exe (87kb)

Modification of the legendary saxtus skin
for BrowseAmp 2.x.

created by Kamiel2003-08-09

download: lan_dj.exe (200kb)


FSkin - The FullScreen Skin
created by Andrew (Lurch)2003-07-12

download: fskin.exe (40kb)

Easy to use low bandwidth skin
For all resolutions

created by Alan

download: masterBeats.exe (140kb)

2nd iTunes rip.
Resizable window and navigation on the left.
For large resolutions (>=1024x768)

created by Aaron

download: BAWireless.exe (80kb)

nice skin for low-bandwidth application

created by Julius

download: Guggenheim.exe (90kb)

modified base skin

created by Azimuth

download: TTunes.exe (220kb)

really cool design!

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