Welcome to the BrowseAmp website

What is BrowseAmp?

BrowseAmp is a plug-in for your favourite music player like Winamp or QCD. With BrowseAmp you can control Winamp or QCD with any webbrowser over a LAN or other network.

Author: Henry Thasler

BrowseAmp provides a free customizable web frontend from where you have full control over Winamp or QCD.

some key features are:

  • full customizable webinterface
  • album art support
  • playlist management
  • advanced user management with password protection
  • browse your harddrive(s) for music
  • media library support
  • and many more

BrowseAmp is currently available for:

Winamp 5

download BrowseAmpGT3 for Winamp

Quintessential Player (QCD) 3.40 build 42+

Any costs ?

BrowseAmp is completely free of charge for non-commercial purposes.

But if you like it, I would be very happy to get a donation from you: