QCD BrowseAmp manual
for v1.99 beta 2


chapter 3: advanced

3.1 INI-File description

3.2 Version history


3.1 INI-File description
QCD BrowseAmp -> advanced -> INI-File description

All options are stored in an windows ini-file in the plug-in directory.
You can edit this file with any simple text editor (e.g. Notepad)

Filename: browseamp.ini
Directory: %QCDDIR%\plugins\browseamp\

ServerPort=80 port number (int)
ServerRunning=1 indicates wether the server was running or not (true/false)
RootDirectory=E:\ base folder for browsing
CurrentDirectory=E:\ last folder you were browsing in
Skin=base current WebSkin
allowSkins=1 allow user to select skin from remote computers (0/1) currently not used
allowShutdown=0 allow user to shut down the computer/player currently not used
allowExtDialog=1 currently not used
enablePassword=1 enable user management
bindLocal=0 bind to localhost
allowBrowseAboveRoot=0 browse every folder of the current drive
displayDrives=0 browse other drives including network drives or whaterver (0/1)
Volume=87 stores the current volume (0...100)
Charset=iso-8859-1 stores the current charset
Version=2.00 stores the current BrowseAmp version
TimerInterval=100 delay between two timer events (in ms) currently not used
useFullPath=1 use the full path for file browsing
Timeout=100 time to wait before generating HTML output (in ms) because the player needs some time to finish operations. Set to "0" to disable sleep.
RemovePlayed=0 remove played songs from playlist (0/1) currently not used
Extensions=mp3|wav|mid|cda| file extensions to browse for (needs an "|" at the end of line) no longer needed, read from QCD directly on startup
enableLink=1 browse also for links to files with extensions like above (windows-links, .lnk-file)

Filename: user.ini
Directory: %QCDDIR%\plugins\browseamp\

All user information is stored here. DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE! Use "user management" instead.



3.2 version history
QCD BrowseAmp -> advanced -> version history

2.01Date: 2003-04-05

Some minor changes.

new features
Webserver status(running/stopped) is now saved to ini
Supported extensions (browser) are read from QCD.
<#SongTitle>: The dash (-) is now suppressed if <#artist> is empty
<#playlist_songtitle>: same thing in the playlist.

404 error with user management fixed. Thanks to Azimuth!
Skin selection dropdown works now ;-)

2.00Date: 2003-03-17

First official release. See help for a detailed description of all features.

new features
HTML Tag added: <#skinlist>
HTML Tag added: <skin_name> and <skin_enc_name>
HTML command added: skin=


1.99 beta 2Date: 2003-03-10

More features added. See help for a detailed description of the new features.

new features
HTML Tag added: <#title>
HTML Tag added: <#artist>
HTML command added: charset=
Bind-to-localhost enabled.
playlist_row template option added: empty=

QCD does not crash if current track is removed from playlist

1.99 beta 1Date: 2003-03-07

Initial release of the new QCD BrowseAmp.

new features
HTML Template management system. Gives you full control over the output of BrowseAmp. All HTML code is now stored in small code snippets. Edit them with any (HTML) editor.

File browser with advanced search functions and checkboxes to add lots of songs only with a few clicks.

Playlist editor with checkboxes to remove a couple of songs.

MultiUser management allows you to edit access privileges individually for every user.


last change: 2003-04-05 , Henry Thasler